Additional Resources

Additional resources are provided below that the database patron may find helpful.

Source: Aero-Works - defunct model aircraft manufacturer

  • Website
  • Manual
  • Manual Addendum 1
  • Manual Addendum 2
  • Magazine Review

Source: Cub Crafters - aircraft manufacturer

  • Website (with Specs)
  • Pilots Operating Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Magazine Reviews

Wind tunel data from NACA tests.
Source: NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

  • NACA Technical Report 233
  • NACA Technical Report 331
  • NACA Technical Report 412
  • NACA Technical Report 628
  • Airfoil Tools: USA-35B AIRFOIL (usa35b-il) - Airfoil Details
  • Drawing of USA 35-B Modified Piper Airfoil Drawing

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