Geometric Properties
Overall Length 72.0 in (1829 mm)
Wingspan 110.0 in (2794 mm)
Wing Area 1760 in2 (113.5 dm2)
Wing Aspect Ratio 6.875
Wing Airfoil USA-35B
Inertial Properties
Gross Weight 24.2 lb (10.975 kg)
Wing Loading 31.67 oz/ft2 (96.7 gr/dm2)
Model AeroWorks 50cc Sport Cub S2
Construction Built-up balsa and plywood structure, aluminum landing gear, fiberglass cowl, and styrene canopy.
Flight Controls
Control Surfaces (2) Ailerons, (2) elevator, rudder, (2) flap, and throttle
Transmitter Futaba T14MZ
Receiver Futaba R6008HS
Servos (7) Spektrum A6150
Power Distribution SmartFly PowerSystem Sport Plus
Receiver Battery (2) Thunder Power ProLite RX 25c 2S 7.4V 900 mAh
Motor E-Flite Power 360 Outrunner
ESC Castle Creations Phoenix Edge HV 160
Propeller Zinger 22x12 Wood
Motor Flight Pack Thunder Power ProLite 25c 10S 5000 mAh
Motor Power Switch Emcotec SPS 70V 60/120A
Data Acquisition Al Volo FDAQ 400 Hz system
Inertial Measurement XSens MTi-G-700 AHRS with GPS
Airspeed Sensor Al Volo Pitot Static Airspeed Sensor
Motor Sensor Al Volo Castle ESC Interface
Regulator Built into DAQ
Battery Thunder Power ProLiteX 3S 1350 mAh